Living with Earthquakes

And Their Aftermath

By Rosie Belton

Double Whammy

A Story About Beating an ‘Unbeatable’ Cancer.

By Rowan Bishop

Family Violence

A tireless campaigner, David White details what we can do to end family violence.

By David White

The Animal Sanctuary

The Inspirational Story of a New Zealand Animal and Wildlife Refuge

By Shawn Bishop with Allison Jones

Latching On

50 Years of Breastfeeding Support

By Louise Shaw

Flowers at Home

A truly stunning collaboration between well-known stylist Sandra Kaminski and photographer Geoff Hedley

by Sandra Kaminski

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Established in 2004, Renaissance Publishing combines book packaging and publishing under its own imprint with specialist cookbook and other non-fiction editing and proofreading services. Recent titles published by Renaissance include Flowers at Home, Urban Chicks and Hey, You! while Renaissance cookbooks include The New Zealand Pressure Cooker Cookbook by Lisa Loveday and several books by celebrity chef Richard Till (Kiwi Kitchen, Richard Till Makes It Easy and, most recently, Every Tea Towel Tells a Story). Book package titles range from historical and home reference to food guides, cookbooks and the outdoors.

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Renaissance principal Renée Lang has worked in the industry for many years and offers astute knowledge of every aspect of book publishing, especially for those who are new to the process. Renée is also part of PressGang ( along with Nick Turzynski,  Brian O’Flaherty and Julie McDermid. PressGang is a one-stop shop offering a variety of publishing services.

As well as publishing mainstream titles for the book trade, Renaissance works with entrepreneurial companies to produce and market their books.

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